As residents and business owners who love our High Desert region, we noticed a heavy negative decline in our local economy due to a higher poverty rate, higher homeless rate, high drug use, a lack of quality jobs and a lack of an educated workforce. We knew that something had to be done to turn these problems around or our economy and neighborhoods we loved would continue to decline.

We took it upon ourselves to start the High Desert Survey. The survey was available to every resident in the High Desert region. The Survey began on August 1, 2019 and was completed on September 15, 2019, with a total of 13,047± responses from our High Desert Community (Mojave River Valley).

The survey was conducted by Dr. Barbara Sirotnik with California State University, San Bernardino. We then contracted Dr. John Husing, a renowned, well respected and well known Economist, to use this data to write a report that would outline the best possible strategy to turn the High Desert’s issues around and to also point out what would happen if we did not take action.

Dr. Husing’s report cost $50,000 and the cost of the Survey was $16,700, both of which have been paid in full thanks to local business owners and community leaders who have invested their time, energy, and money to help create this Strategy Report for our region. For a list of sponsors, please visit our sponsors tab.

If you have any further questions, please feel to contact Mr. Joseph W. Brady directly at [email protected] or at (760) 951-5111 x101.

Dr. John Husing

John Husing has had the chance to live a fascinating and rewarding life.  He has climbed mountains, trekked through jungles, run wild rivers, lived with previously unknown tribes and jogged 8½ miles through the heaviest concentration of lion in Africa.  Oh yes, he is also a Ph.D. economist who has studied Southern California’s growing economy for five decades helping to create evertyhing from detailed explanations of the ebbs and flows of Inland Empire economy to the analysis that helped create the Clean Truck Program at the ports of LA and Long Beach. 

He has also repeated analyzed and proposed strategies to over 40 inland cities, as well as sub-regions like the High Desert and the Coachella Valley.  Somewhere in the mix John also had time to serve as a community college professor, manage a Nevada Casino and run 50 or so political campaigns.  In that capacity, he elected five Assembly members plus a host of city councilmen, mayors and supervisors plus ethnically integrating the school boards of two local cities.  His impact was acknowledged by the Los Angeles Times in 2006, naming him one of the 100 people exerting the most influence over Southern California.

Dr. Barbara Sirotnik

Dr. Barbara Sirotnik has been a Professor of Statistics, Business Analytics, and Supply Chain Management at California State University, San Bernardino since 1980. She holds a Ph.D. in statistics from the University of California, Riverside, and her additional areas of expertise include operations research, information management, data driven decision making, computer programming, and research methods. She has won her college’s “Faculty of the Year” award or “Excellence in Teaching” award five times, and has been nominated for the university’s Outstanding Professor award four times. She has taught mega-sections of undergraduate introductory statistics; upper division classes in supply chain management, quality management, and computer programming; and graduate classes in data driven decision making and quality management.

Most of Dr. Sirotnik’s professional work has been in the area of applied research (as opposed to “basic” research). She co-founded the campus’s Institute of Applied Research in 1985, and as Director she has conducted hundreds of applied research and consulting projects for public agencies, business organizations, and individuals within the university’s service area and beyond. Those services include: economic forecasting, polling, strategic planning, health needs assessments, marketing research, and a lot more. To cite just a few examples of studies in the Inland Empire: she has conducted quality of life surveys for the counties of Riverside and San Bernardino, for the City of Riverside, and the City of Hemet. The Institute has been involved in the mandatory three-year community health needs assessment for Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. At the state level, she is currently involved in a project through the California Governor’s Office (GO-Biz) to map the defense supply chain in California. She has conducted a nationwide study in information sharing in the military for the Department of Defense.
Based on projects such as those listed above, she has co-authored applied research articles on a variety of diverse topics including: the aging workforce, the toxic triangle in academia, challenges and rewards of being a family caregiver, attributes related to attitudes toward people with disabilities, effect of question format on survey findings, ethnic differences in students’ approaches to learning, and training modalities for bioterrorism preparedness. In addition, she has authored and co-authored theoretical articles in the areas of paired comparisons and contingency table analysis.

Finally, Dr. Sirotnik has served on a variety of committees at the department, college, and university levels including Curriculum, Assurance of Learning, Strategic Planning, Faculty Evaluation, Recruitment, and more.

Joseph W. Brady

As the longest serving commercial broker in the High Desert (Mojave River Valley) and northern San Bernardino County, Mr. Joseph W. Brady, CCIM, SIOR has single-handedly made a significant contribution to the economic growth that the area has seen over the past two decades. With The Bradco Companies as the top-selling commercial brokerage firm in the Mojave River Valley region between 2000 till 2006 and also in 2011, during the last seven years, in the midst of a still slow commercial real estate market the company has sold or leased 3,278,882 ± square feet of office, commercial, or retail buildings in the Mojave River Valley.

As of June 2019, Joseph W. Brady, Inc., The Bradco Companies has closed 1,783± transactions, more commercial transactions than any other single commercial brokerage firm in the Mojave River Valley region and exceeding the top two current competitors in the region.

A 1979 graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, he earned a B.S. Degree in Business Administration with a dual concentration in Human Resource Management and Real Estate. Mr. Joseph W. Brady is the President of Joseph W. Brady, Inc., dba The Bradco Companies located in Victorville, California, and has been providing companies from all over the world opportunities for growth in the Mojave River Valley since 1989.

The Bradco Companies specialize in the acquisition and disposition of raw land and approved residential, commercial, and industrial land projects for developers and investors throughout the county. In 2011, Mr. Joseph W. Brady orchestrated the largest square-footage lease ever negotiated in the Mojave River Valley with furniture manufacturing giant United Furniture Industries (505,192± square feet), a move that has created nearly 250± jobs.

In addition, the company specializes in the leasing and sales of commercial, industrial, and office properties, continually maintaining a large inventory of available land and space. In 2005, The Bradco Companies was named the 13th largest commercial brokerage company in the Inland Empire by “The Business Press,” and the largest firm of its size in the Mojave River Valley. In 2005 with nearly 4,000± High Desert Association of REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service members, Mr. Brady was ranked number one in the Region.